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Find the value of $49 - ( - 40) - ( - 3) + 69$

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint:First of all, we need to know about the operations which are used in the given problem,
Addition is the sum of two or more than two numbers, or values, or variables and in addition if we sum the two or more numbers a new frame of number will be found, also in subtraction which is the minus of two or more than two numbers or values but here comes with the condition that in subtraction the greater number sign will stay constant example $2 - 3 = - 1$ clearly three has the greater sign with negative thus the resultant answer is negative, if suppose three is positive and two is negative then the resultant answer will be positive.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Since from the given question we need to find the values of set of four numbers with addition and subtraction operators, first we will calculate that step by step which is $49 - ( - 40)$ take it first,
Now we will know some properties in subtraction, and multiplication in terms of bracket that
A negative sign of negative sign multiplication is a new positive sign in bracket (we also applying the Bodmas rule so that we first simplify the bracket terms)
Hence $49 - ( - 40) \Rightarrow 49 + 40$ (simplifying bracket signs by multiplicative operators)
Similarly, now take the third and fourth terms $ - ( - 3) + 69$ in the same way simplify we get
$ - ( - 3) + 69 \Rightarrow 3 + 69$ Thus, after simplifying the negative terms to positive
Now we will apply the sum of the terms for further simplifications as follows
$49 + 40 + 3 + 69$ Combining the solved parts and now we further solve this using addition
That is $49 + 40 + 3 + 69 \Rightarrow 89 + 72$ (adding the first and second term we get 89 also adding the third and fourth terms we get 72)
Hence, we finally get $49 - ( - 40) - ( - 3) + 69$ $ \Rightarrow $$49 + 40 + 3 + 69 \Rightarrow 89 + 72$$ \Rightarrow 161$
Simply we used addition, subtraction and for brackets we used multiplication we got $161$ as a solution for the given problem.

Note: In the bracket of multiplication if the signs are opposite like one positive and one negative then by multiplicative law, we get negative sign only, and only if both the numbers are at same sign, we get positive signs as shown in the problem.