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Find the sum by suitable rearrangement:
$1962 + 453 + 1583 + 647$

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Hint: In this question we have to add the given four numbers. Now one key point here is all the 4 numbers are not of the same magnitude as some are going up to the thousandth place like 1962, 1538 while others are going only up to hundredth place like 647, 453. Simply add the unit placed digit of one number to the unit placed digit of another number and take the carry forward to add up the tenth place digit of one number to that of another number, extend this concept till the left most placed digit of every number to reach the answer.

Complete step by step answer:
Given equation is
$1962 + 453 + 1583 + 647$.
So add these numbers we have
 + 0647
$\overline {\;\;\;4645} $
So, this is the required addition of these numbers.

Note: Whenever we face such types of problems the key point is simply to know the basic addition of digits placed at the specific places like unit’s place, tenth place, and hundredth place and so on till the last placed digit. Never forget to take care of the carry generated while performing the addition. This concept will help us to get on the right track to reach the answer.