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Find the reciprocal of each of the following fractions. Classify the reciprocals as proper fraction, improper fraction and whole numbers.

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: Proper fraction=numerator less than denominator, Improper fraction= numerator greater than denominator, Whole number= numbers without fraction.

Now the reciprocal of $\dfrac{{12}}{7}$is$\dfrac{7}{{12}}$.
Now let’s talk about the classification of this fraction since this fraction that is $\dfrac{7}{{12}}$is not improper as the numerator is smaller than the denominator, hence it is not improper.
Clearly $\dfrac{7}{{12}}$can’t be a whole number even as 7 is not divisible by 12.
Now $\dfrac{7}{{12}}$is a proper fraction as a proper fraction is always less than 1.
Hence the answer is $\dfrac{7}{{12}}$and classification is a proper fraction.

Note: An improper fraction is one whose numerator is greater than the denominator whereas a proper fraction is one which is less than unity. These basic understanding of definitions helps us solve problems of this type.