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Find the ratio of each of the following in simplest form:
60 paise to 4 rupees.

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: Here, we will use the conversion formula to convert 4 rupees to paisa. As both the given numbers are now in the same denomination, thus, we will write them as a fraction and simplify them further to find the simplest ratio of the given two numbers.

Formula Used:
1 rupee $ = 100$ paise

Complete step by step solution:
In order to answer this question, first of all we should know the conversion of rupees to paise and vice-versa.
Here, the conversion formula of converting a rupee to paisa is:
1 rupee $ = 100$ paise
Hence, whenever we are required to convert one denomination of rupees to another denomination of paisa, we can simply multiply it by 100 to get the required denomination in paisa.
Hence, since in this question we are given 4 rupees,
Thus, converting it into paisa, we get,
4 rupees $ = 4 \times 100 = 400$ paisa
Now, in fractional form, 60 paise to 4 rupees or 60 paise to 400 paise can be written as: $\dfrac{{60}}{{400}}$
Simplifying this further, we get,
$\dfrac{{60}}{{400}} = \dfrac{3}{{20}}$
Hence, the required ratio is: $3:20$

Therefore, the ratio of 60 paisa to 4 rupees in simplest form is $3:20$
Hence, this is the required answer.

Coins in India are issued in denominations of 50 paisa, one rupee, two rupees, five rupees, and ten rupees. A paisa is ${\dfrac{1}{{100}}^{th}}$ of a rupee. Coins worth 50 paisa are called small coins, whereas coins equal to or more than one rupee are known as rupee coins. Also, it is clarified for the benefit of the public that all coins including the 25 paise and 50 paise coins are legal tender and will continue to be so. Reluctant on the part of anyone to accept the coins is, therefore, not correct.