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Find the perimeter of a regular six- sided polygon, each side measuring 6.5 cm.

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint:To find the perimeter of the regular six – sided polygon, we first understand the definition of a polygon. Then compute it using the formula of perimeter and the length of the side given in the question.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Given Data,
Length of side = 6.5 cm

The perimeter of any polygon is defined as the sum of the measure of all the sides of the polygon.
A regular polygon has all sides of equal length.
Given a regular six – sided polygon, which means the perimeter of the polygon is the sum of the six equal sides.
A regular 6 – sided polygon looks as follows:
seo images

Perimeter of the given polygon = 6 × a.
Where ‘a’ is the length of the side of the polygon.
Given side of the polygon measures 6.5 cm. Therefore a = 6.5 cm

Perimeter = 6 × 6.5 cm
⟹Perimeter = 39 cm.
Hence the perimeter of a regular six- sided polygon, each side measuring 6.5 cm is 39 cm.

Note: In order to solve this type of question the key is to know the definition of the concept, perimeter of a figure. Then using this definition we determine the formula of perimeter of a six sided regular polygon. It is important to read the question carefully because the word ‘regular’ tells us that all the sides in the polygon are equal. Perimeter of a polygon is a one dimensional quantity hence its units are in the degree one.