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Find the following percentage value:
  1)15% of 250.

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Hint: In this question, we need to first look at some of the basic definitions of linear equations. Then we need to calculate how much is the value of 15% of 250 by using the respective formula to get the result.
\[\dfrac{x}{100}\times y\]

Complete step-by-step answer:

Let us look at some of the basic definitions.
PERCENTAGE: The word 'percent' means 'per hundred' or 'out of hundred', symbol % is used to express the percentage.
To convert a fraction into percentage multiply the fraction by 100.
If fraction is \[\dfrac{x}{y}\], then its percentage is \[\left( \dfrac{x}{y}\times 100 \right)%\]
Percentage can be converted into fraction, by dividing the percentage by 100.
If the percentage is a%, then its fraction will be \[\dfrac{a}{100}\].
To convert decimal into percentage, it should be multiplied by 100.
To convert percentage into decimal, it should be divided by 100.
x% of y = y% of x
Now, let us look at the percentage formula.
The value of x% in y can be written as:
\[\dfrac{x}{100}\times y\]
Now, on comparing with the given values we get,
  & \Rightarrow \dfrac{x}{100}\times y \\
 & \Rightarrow \dfrac{15}{100}\times 250 \\
 & \Rightarrow \dfrac{15}{10}\times 25 \\
 & \Rightarrow 1.5\times 25 \\
 & \Rightarrow 37.5 \\
Hence, the value of 15% of 250 is 37.5.

Note: Percentage is a measure of a portion in relation to a whole, often expressed in relation to how many of something there are per 100. For example if there is a group of half girls and half boys then it means the percentage of boys in the group is 50%.
It is important to note that while calculating the percentage we need to divide with hundred. Because neglecting that term means just only multiplication which is completely different from the value we need to calculate.