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Find the first four common multiples of the following :
8 and 12.
A. 24,48,72,96
B. 24,36,48,56
C. 24,32,40,48
D. 48,72,96,120

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Hint: Write the multiples of 8,12 and find out the common multiples.

Complete step-by-step answer:

We have,
Multiples of 8 = 8,16,24,32….

Multiples of 12 = 12,24,36,48….

The first common multiple will be 24

And the next common multiples will be multiples of 24.

Hence, the first four common multiples of 8,12 are 24,48,72,96 i.e. option ‘A’.

Note: Questions including common multiples are very commonly asked, one needs to understand the concept above in order to solve such questions.