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Find the area of the given figure:
seo images

Last updated date: 21st May 2024
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Hint: Here though the figure appears to be not that good it has two hidden rectangles if we observe it carefully. And finding the area of those two rectangles will give the area of the full figure. We will redraw the figure according to our convenience and then use the formula of area of rectangles. Adding those areas will give the total area.

Complete step-by-step answer:
We will redraw the figure as the figure given below and also label the dimensions.
seo images

Now we will find the area of the rectangles.
For rectangle1:
Length = 7m
Breadth = 12m
Thus area is given by;
\[\operatorname{Re} ct1 = l \times b = 7 \times 12 = 84{m^2}\]
For rectangle2:
Length = 19m
Breadth = 10m
Thus area is given by;
\[\operatorname{Re} ct2 = l \times b = 19 \times 10 = 190{m^2}\]
Now the area of the full figure is given by the sum of the two areas.
Thus area of the figure is,
\[ = 84 + 190 = 274\;{m^2}\]
Thus the total area is \[274\;{m^2}\].
So, the correct answer is “\[274\;{m^2}\]”.

Note: Students if you are getting confused in how we found out the dimensions so for that observe the figure we redrew carefully.
Now for rectangle1 we have the dimensions already given.
For rectangle2 we took the help of dimension on the leftmost side of the original figure and subtracted the height of 12m from it which is already used in rectangle1. This gave 10m as the new breadth of rectangle2. And for length the horizontal dimensions written will help. Because that forms the length of rectangle2 totally.
Hope this cleared everything!