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Find the amount actually paid for a mobile phone whose marked price is $Rs.6600$ and discount offered on it is $12\% $
A). $Rs.5000$
B). $Rs.5880$
C). $Rs.5800$
D). $Rs.5808$

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Hint: The definition of discount is reduced prices being sold at a lower price than the price marked on the objects. Discount can be calculated on the percentage given. They usually give you a discount. Discount always given in the selling price of the object.
$ \Rightarrow Discount = marked\,price - selling\,price$

Complete step-by-step solution:
Marked price of the object, \[MRP = Rs6600\]
Discount, \[D = 12\% \]
$ = \dfrac{{12}}{{100}} \times 6600$
$ = 12 \times 66$
$ = Rs.792$
The Discount of $Rs.792$
So the selling price is,
$ \Rightarrow SP = MRP - Discount Price$
Put the value
$ \Rightarrow SP = 6600 - 792$
$ \Rightarrow SP = Rs.5808$
Actual amount paid is $Rs.5808$
So the answer is (D) $Rs.5808$.

Note: Cost price of an article is, in which they bought from wholesaler. Selling price is in which they sell the object to the customer. The difference between selling and cost price is known as profit and loss. If the selling price is more than cost price (SP>CP) is called profit. Cost price is more than selling price (CP>SP) is called loss. It can also be calculated in percentage.