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(i) 9.50 paise+14.50 paise
(ii) 22m 50cm+25m 75cm

Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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Hint: Here in this question we need to add the two quantities. + sign indicates the addition which means adding up two terms. While adding the quantity we must check that both quantities are having the same quantity. Hence by adding we can obtain the result.

Complete step-by-step answer:
 Now consider the first question
(i) 9.50 paise + 14.50 paise
9.50 paise read as 9 paise and 50 paise. Likewise 14.50 read as 14 paise and 50 paise.
The both quantities are having same unit and hence we can apply the addition operation to these quantities so we have
First we have added the terms after the decimal points and hence we have to carry the decimal point in the answer.
Therefore 9.50 paise+14.50 paise = 24.00 paise
So, the correct answer is “24.00 paise”.

Now we have to solve the next question
(ii) 22m 50cm + 25m 75 cm
Here in this question it is a combination of both meters and centimeters. We will convert meter into centimeter and then we add the terms
We know that 1meter is equal to 100 centimeter
Therefore 22 meter is equal to $ 22 \times 100 = 2200 $ centimeter.
Now 22m 50cm can be written as $ 2200 + 50 = 2250 cm $ .
And likewise, 25 meter is equal to $ 25 \times 100 = 2500 $
Now 25m 75cm can be written as $ 2500 + 75 = 2575 cm $ .
Therefore 22m 50cm + 25m 75 cm is written as 2250 cm+2575 cm
Hence we converted the quantities to the same unit. We apply the addition operation to the two quantities, so we have
Therefore 2250 cm+2575 cm = 4825 cm
we will convert the centimeter into meter so we have to divide the number by 100 so we have
 $ \dfrac{{4825}}{{100}} = 48.25 $
Therefore the answer is 48 m 25 cm
So, the correct answer is “48 m 25 cm”.

Note: While adding the two terms or quantity we must know that the both quantities should have the same unit. If the two quantities are not in the same unit, we have to convert any one quantity unit into another quantity unit and then we add the term or quantity.