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Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.
I only _____ a straw hat to protect my head when the sun is very hot.
A) Bear
B) Carry
C) Dress
D) Put
E) Wear

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Hint: Raja Rammohan Roy was an accomplished social, religious and educational reformer. People like him are described as ‘reformers’ because they felt that it was necessary to bring changes in society, and unjust practices required to be done away with.

Complete answer:
The blank needs to be filled with an appropriate verb. Verbs are action words, meaning that they show what the subject is doing or what action the subject is performing. Different forms of the verbs are used in sentences in different tenses. In this case, we need to write about what the subject is doing with the hat.

Now let us look into the given options:
Option (A) Bear – this word means to tolerate, to suffer, to endure, or to abide. For e.g. I cannot bear this pain; I need some painkiller. It has a completely different use and thus, it is an incorrect option.
Option (B) Carry – this word means to support and move or to support the weight of something or someone. For e.g. I had to carry this heavy bag all by myself. ‘Carry’ is not the correct word for the hat on one’s head. Therefore, it is a wrong option.
Option (C) Dress – this word means to put on clothes, to wear clothes in a certain way, to supply clothes for someone, to decorate something, to clean or treat a wound etc. It has a lot of different uses, but none of them are suitable for the blank in the question. This option is wrong.
Option (D) Put – this word means to move or place something, to bring to a state or condition etc. For e.g. I tried to put my daughter to bed, but she wouldn’t sleep. This word cannot be used appropriately for a hat. Therefore, this option is incorrect.
Option (E) Wear – this means to have something on one’s body as clothing, decoration or protection. This is the correct option for the blank and the sentence will be; I only wear a straw hat to protect my head when the sun is very hot.

Thus, the correct answer is Option (E) i.e, I only wear a straw hat to protect my head when the sun is very hot.

Note: The word ‘wear’ also has many different meanings. For e.g. to pass time, to cause damage etc.
- Reading books wears half of my day. Here, it means ‘to pass time’.
-Friction will wear down the track and we’ll have to repair it soon. Here ‘wear’ means to cause damage.
- The past tense of ‘wear’ is ‘wore’ and the past participle of ‘wear’ is ‘worn’.