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Fill in the blanks:
________ pair of vertically opposite angle are formed by the intersection of $ 2 $ lines.

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Hint: First of all we will draw the intersection of two lines and then will find the pair of angles. Always remember that pair means group of two. So when we intersect two lines we get four angles and then we will make a pair of vertically opposite angles and then will count accordingly.

Complete step-by-step answer:
By using the definition of opposite angles –
When the two lines intersect each other in the shape of “X” and vertically opposite angles are the angles which are opposite to each other.
As shown in the above figure, let line AB and CD intersect each other at the point OF making the shape as “X”.
seo images

On the basis of the idea of the geometry – if two lines intersect each other then four angles are formed which are basically opposite to each other.
Hence, four angles or two pairs of vertically opposite angles is formed by the intersection of two lines.
So, the correct answer is “4”.

Note: Note be confused with the term pair of angles and the angles. Pair means group of two and vertically opposite angles are the angles opposite to each other in a straight line or the same surface. Always draw the diagram first and then observe for satisfying the given condition.
Always remember the difference between the complementary and supplementary angles. Always remember that the sum of two complementary angles is always ninety degrees whereas the sum of two angles in supplementary is always one-eighty degrees.