Fill in the blanks:
9 cm 5 mm = …………………… mm.

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Hint:In this question we will use simple metric conversions for length to find the value by converting 9 cm and 55mm to mm. cm means centimeter and mm means millimeter.

Complete step by step solution:
Now, in this question we have to find out how much a measurement of 9 cm and 5 mm is going to measure entirely in mm.
So let us first apply the length conversion chart :
We know that
$1cm = 10mm$
So by direct unitary method, if $1cm = 10mm$,
 then $9cm$ will be $1cm = 10mm$multiplied with 9. That is,
  9 \times 1cm = 9 \times 10mm \\
   \Rightarrow 9cm = 90mm \\
Now, out of 9 cm and 5mm we have already converted 9cm to mm and got 90mm. Now the remaining 5 mm is already in mm so it does not need any further conversion.
Hence, it will suffice to simply add it to the 90mm.
That is 9 cm 5mm can be written as:
$9cm + 5mm$
So, putting $9cm = 90mm$ and $5mm = 5mm$ we will get
  9cm5mm \\
   = 90mm + 5mm \\
   = 95mm \\
 That is 9 cm 5 mm is = ….95….. mm.

Note: Had it been 9m 5cm is equal to how many cm, then the conversion would be very different. $1m = 100cm$ So 9m would mean $9 \times 100cm = 900cm$. Hence 9 m 5cm would become
  9m + 5cm \\
   = 900cm + 5cm \\
   = 905cm \\
Units play a very important role in our day to day lives. While the smaller units like millimeters are used to measure the smallest of lengths like-thickness of a coin or a page, the bigger units like kilometer are used to calculate distances between two cities while meter is used to measure cloth or distance between two people standing in a room.