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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
He drives too _____.
A) Fastly
B) Fast
C) Faster
D) Fastest

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- The question is from the topic of adverbs. Adverbs are similar to adjectives, but instead of describing nouns, it describes verbs.
- These are words that generally end with ‘-ly’. For e.g. I waited eagerly for my friends to arrive. The adverb ‘eagerly’ is describing how the subject is performing the verb of ‘waiting’.

Complete answer:
Adverbs are words that modify or describe verbs and they generally end with –ly. For e.g.
- He wrote quickly.
- She spoke politely.
- I can do this easily.

Thus, in the above question, we need to fill the blank with a correct adverb. The adverb in this case will describe the verb ‘drive’.
Option (A) - This option is incorrect because fastly is an incorrect word. Though most adverbs end with -ly, there are certain adverbs that do not. For e.g. often, well, late, hard, fast etc. Since the adverb form of ‘fast’ is also ‘fast’, this option is incorrect.
Option (B) Fast - As discussed above, the adverb form of ‘fast’ is also ‘fast’. Hence ‘fast’ is the correct adverb to fill the blank with. Therefore, it is the correct option.
Options (C) Faster - Faster is a comparative adjective and we are not making any comparisons here. It could be used correctly in a sentence where a comparison is being made. For e.g. He runs faster than his brother. Thus, this option is wrong
Option (D) Fastest - Fastest is the superlative form of an adjective and it is incorrect to use an adverb before a superlative form (since the word ‘too’ in the question is also an adverb). Also, the superlative form is not used as an adverb. It is always used as an adjective. For e.g. He is the fastest driver.

Thus, the correct answer would be Option (B) Fast.

Note: Sometimes adverbs are used to describe another adverb.
- For e.g., He drives too fast. Here, ‘too’ is an adverb describing the next adverb ‘fast’ which in turn is describing the verb ‘drives’.
- Sometimes, adverbs are used to make comparative and superlative adjectives. For e.g.
- The oceans are more beautiful than the mountains. (comparative usage)
- The mosquito is the most dangerous creature on earth. (superlative usage)