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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word:
-------- use of water will help us conserve it.
a. Judgement
b. Judiciary
c. Judicious
d. Judiciously

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Hint: Adjectives are often used to describe a certain circumstance; how it takes place, that is, adjectives modify nouns to emblazon them. Adjectives do not modify others words such as adverbs, adjectives or verbs. The proper use of adjectives is what makes sentences much more meaningful and beautiful.
Here, an adjective is necessary since we are describing a function of water, which states the method of its usage so as to conserve it.

Complete answer:
Now, considering the above options,
a. Judgement: is a noun and the word in the above sentence will not make any sense. Eg: The judgement regarding the factory workers was unjust.
b. Judiciary is often referred to as an establishment which is essential in governing the country. Hence, this word is not suitable in the sentence. Eg: The judiciary is what maintains the peace in this land.
c. Judicious is an adjective describing the action word that is the verb in a sentence. It refers to ability to take wise, proper or critical judgment after proper analysis of the situation. Hence, this is the most suitable option. Eg: Our boss is judicious and carefully selects each employee based on his or her performance.
d. Judiciously is an adverb and can be used after a verb or object. Eg: Mothers are experts in solving the matters regarding sibling rivalry judiciously.

Hence, Option c is the correct answer to the above sentence given.

Note: One can hesitate over judicious and judiciously. Keep in mind that adverbs of manner and place are often used at the end of a sentence.