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Fill in the blank with the appropriate noun of the type specific in brackets.
I saw a little ___shivering in the rain.(common noun)
A) Boy
B) Rahul
C) Neha
D) Army

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Hint:First we must read all the given options and we must know the usage of the words. Later we must know the usage of the different words. Choose the option which will be grammatically correct. Also we must see that the selected option will make the sentence meaningful.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Common noun: This is the generic name for a person, things or place in a class or group.
Now let’s understand all the options.
Rahul: This is not an appropriate answer because ‘Rahul’ is a proper noun, which is not showing any group, which is not making the given sentence meaningful.
Neha: This is not the correct option because ‘Neha’ is a proper noun and according to the question we need to use a common noun in order to get the correct answer that’s why it is also not making any sense.
Army: In this option ‘Army ‘word is a collective noun, which is specifically an army group but here we need to use a common noun for making a given sentence meaningful that’s why it is also an inappropriate option.
Boy: In this option ‘boy’ word is a common noun because it is describing a group of male gender. So this is an appropriate option for the given sentence.
Hence, the correct answer will be option [A].

Note:Noun- Noun is a word which is used to represent a specific or many objects.
Different types of nouns are- A) Common noun B) Abstract noun C) Proper noun D) Concrete noun E) Collective noun F) Possessive noun G) Material noun H) Countable and Uncountable noun