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Fill in the blank
1 million = ________lakh

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: In this question remember that 1lakh is equal to $1,00,000$ so find the relation between the 1 million and lakh using a unitary method, using this information can help you to approach the solution of the problem.

Complete step-by-step solution:
According to the given information we have to find the between 1 million and lakh
As we know that I million is represented as; $1.000.000$
Also, we know that 1 lakh is represented as; $1,00,000$
Now using the unitary method to find the relation we get
$\dfrac{{1million}}{{1lakh}} = \dfrac{{1,000,000}}{{1,00,000}}$
$\dfrac{{1million}}{{1lakh}} = \dfrac{{10}}{1}$
$1million = 10lakh$
Therefore, 1 million is equal to 10 times of 1 lakh
Hence, 1 million = 10 lakh.

Note: In the above solution we used a term: unitary method” which can be explained as a method to find the value of a single unit and then using the value of a single unit we can find the required value. Let's take the help of an example: we have a 1 dozen banana of 24 rupees so to find the price of 1 banana we will divide the total amount of money of 1 dozen with 12 bananas since 1 dozen is equal to 12 the result will be the cost of 1 banana.