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Fastest means of transportation is _________.
A. railways
B. roadways
C. waterways
D. airways

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Hint: Transport is how people and goods move from one point to another. In the early days, people managed to walk or use animals as a means of transport. These were very time-consuming. The innovation of the wheel made riding simpler and quicker.

Complete step-by-step solution:
There are 4 Modes of transportation: Roadways, Railways, Airways, and Waterways.
Roadways are a crucial means of transport in India. They give people and vehicles to commute a broad range of locations and enable them to achieve their destination. Road transport is the technique of transporting goods or people from one end to the other via roads. Road transportation is still the largely heavily used mode of delivery service in India.
The railways are a vital means of transport in India. India has also benefited from enhancing rail infrastructure overseas. As of 2018-19 over $1 billion from India has been capitalized into boosting railways and trains in Sri Lanka using "Made in India" technology.
Water transport is the method of carrying a watercraft, such as a boat, ship, or sailboat, over a body of water, such as a lake, canal, or river. The need for buoyancy unites watercraft and makes the hull a powerful aspect of its formation, supervision, and impression. Ship transport is mostly used for the carriage of people and non-perishable goods, normally related to cargo.
Air Transport is the fastest means of transport formulated in the early twentieth century. Before this was formulated, trade was held on using the land or the sea route. It used to take various months to reach India, for the earlier traders from other provinces.
Hence Airways are the fastest means of transport.

Thus option (D) is correct.

Note: Airways are the most expensive due to the high cost of fuels and are weak to bad weather like fog and storms. Airways is the only mode to reach even the most distant and isolated locations.