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Express the following as Rupees using decimals: Ten paise.

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Hint: Use unitary method to convert the given value of money into Rupees. Use the fact that \[\operatorname{Re}.1=100paise\]. Thus, to convert paise into Rupees, divide the given value of paise by 100 and write its value in decimals. The answer obtained will be the value of ten paise expressed in Rupees.

Complete step-by-step answer:

We have to convert 10 paise into Rupees.

We will use a unitary method to convert the given value of money into Rupees.
We know that \[\operatorname{Re}.1=100paise\].

Thus, by dividing the above equation by 100 on both sides, we have \[1paisa=Rs.\dfrac{1}{100}\].

We know that to convert ‘x’ paise into Rupees, we will multiply ‘x’ by \[\dfrac{1}{100}\].

Substituting \[x=10\] in the above formula, we have \[10paisa=Rs.10\times \dfrac{1}{100}=Rs.\dfrac{1}{10}=Rs.0.1\].

Hence, ten paise can be expressed into Rupees as \[Rs.0.1\].

Note: Rupees and paise are units of measuring money. There are other units of measurement of money as well, such as dollars, cents and pounds. We can always convert from one unit of money to another using the unitary method. Each country has its own unit of money. To convert from a higher unit system to a lower one, we multiply the value of the higher unit system by the value of the conversion ratio from higher unit system to lower unit system. To convert from a lower unit system to a higher one, we divide the value of the lower unit system by the conversion factor from lower unit system to higher unit system. One must be careful about units while converting from one unit system to another one. Otherwise, we will get an incorrect answer.