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Explain why the forest cover in India is shrinking?

Last updated date: 14th Jun 2024
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Hint: The forest surface in India is boosting but is still shorter or insufficient than the targeted $33\% $ of the entire geographical area under the country's forest policy and also the absence of land accessibility for settlement or development prompting Deforestation.

Complete Step by step solution:
The reasons for the shrinking of the forest cover in India are:
Depletion of forests, on a comprehensive scale, was used to run in the colonial period. The advent and the development of railways during this duration ushered in the damage of large slabs of forests.
In independent India, clearing of forest land for cultivation has also monopolized the deficiency of forest cover in the country.
Timber has fulfilled a crucial marketable resource. It is utilized for construction and making furniture. The felling of the trees to acquire timber is a crucial cause of shrinking
of forest cover in India.
Several forests have been wiped to create large scale dams in the country. For e.g. The building of Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat and the Narmada Valley Project has resulted in the damage of forest lands in India.
Abrupt industrialization, urbanization development of cities has also led to the devastation of forest cover in the country.

Note: Emptying of forests over enormous areas, the practice of changing cultivation in certain parts of India, heavy soil erosion, overgrazing by pastoral groups, extraction of timber for fuel, all outcomes of human habitation of the land are the primary supporters to the shrinking jungle cover in India. An additional explanation for shrinking is the High need for forest crops, Deforestation, Urban sprawl/industrialization, overgrazing by the cattle, Faulty agricultural practices e.g. Jumping.