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Evaluate $\dfrac{{150}}{{ - 25}}$.

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint: First we have to define what the terms we need to solve the problem are.
The negative sign in the denominator must go up to the numerator
Or if both the values are negative signs then we must cancel each other.

Complete step by step answer:
 Given question is evaluate $\dfrac{{150}}{{ - 25}}$
The division is a method of distributing a group of things into equal parts. It is one of the four basic operations of arithmetic, which gives a fair result of sharing. The division is an operation inverse of multiplication.
So as per the hint the denominator does not contain negative sign values, so then first bring that negative sign to numerator part and we will do division further
Therefore $ - \dfrac{{150}}{{25}}$
Now acting the division which is equal parts of separation distribution
That is $ - \dfrac{{150}}{{25}}$= $ - \dfrac{{25}}{{25}} \times 6$[taking $25$as a common value from $150$so the balance term is$6$]
Further approaching to $ - \dfrac{{150}}{{25}}$= $ - \left( 1 \right) \times 6$[$25$and $25$ cancels each other and turns into$1$]
So then hence $\dfrac{{150}}{{ - 25}}$= $ - \dfrac{{150}}{{25}}$= $ - 6$

Note: Do not do division with negative sign on denominator and a divisor is represented in a division equation as: \[Dividend \div Divisor = Quotient\] .