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Essay on Travel and Tourism

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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As we all know, India is one of the world's most famous countries for its unique tourist and tourist destinations. Tourism in all countries plays a big role in the economic growth and development of a country. If we see tourism in India, it is India's second largest source of income through the foreign currencies of foreign tourists. A large percentage of people's lives East based solely on tourism itself because the tourism industry in India has employed a large number of people in the category, skilled and unskilled. Tourism in any country promotes its national integration and international fraternity.

Our country is naturally and culturally endowed with many beautiful and attractive places that have fascinated people around the world. Our country is one of the rich countries with legacies, historical monuments, forts, beaches, religious places, mountain resorts, etc. attracting tourists from around the world. India is known for its unity in diversity that enriches it with people from many cultures, traditions and religions which is the big reason for good tourism here. Because of being rich with people from many religions and languages, our country is full of diversity in handicrafts, folk dances, fairs, festivals, music, ballet, clothing, eating habits, lifestyle, languages, etc. which gives rise to the will or the desire in the hearts of the people of the world to see India.

Nowadays, tourism in India is strongly promoted by tourism ministries thanks to the help of many Bollywood actors at international and national level. All measures to promote tourism and the circulation of tourists in the country are recommended by the Tourism Advisory Council. Indian tourism is strongly affected by terrorism, insecurity and pollution in the country; however, the sincere efforts of the Government of India are continuing to develop the Indian tourism industry. It is one of the most dynamic industries and plays a big role in the economic development of the country. Our country is a popular country for tourist destinations throughout Asia where a large crowd of people come every year despite many problems. Our country is naturally limited in its four sides (one by the Himalayas, and three other sides by the Arabian Sea , Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean) offering wide range of sightings. 

Variety of interesting activities such as water sports, sailing, scuba diving, rafting, skiing, mountaineering, barges, winter sports, etc. promote tourism in India. In order to encourage people, a tourism campaign named "Incredible India" was launched by the Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) in 2005. The tourist spots in India have also been divided into sections like spiritual tourism, ecotourism, spa tourism, "and" adventure tourism "to encourage tourism and better growth in India.   

For example, pollution in India has hit the Indian tourism industry; Mathura refinery effluents affect the marbles of Taj Mahal in Agra due to the negligence of the concerned authorities. Another example is that beautiful beaches in India are gradually turning into rubbish dumps and garbage left behind by tourists. Thus, it must overcome the pollution problems in India as well as promote medical tourism to strengthen tourism in India. Medical tourism in the country provides a great level of relief, safety and security to the tourists who will regularly improve the tourism in the country. Many initiatives have been taken jointly by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of Tourism to maintain international standards in medical facilities for tourists.