Edible part of cabbage is
A. Flower
B. Inflorescence
C. Stem
D. Bud

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Hint: Cabbage is a leafy green, purplish-red, or white biennial
(Once in every two years) plant which is grown as vegetable plant due to its dense leaves heads.
Cabbage is mainly grown in the cool winter season but we can plant it in the late spring season.

Complete answer:
In order to solve this question we need to know more about cabbage.
Scientific name of cabbage is Brassica oleracea var. capitata.
Cabbage as we know is a leafy vegetable mainly grown in the cool winter season and it is grown mainly in Nilgiri Hills, Theni, and Krishnagiri.
Edible parts: Edible parts are those parts of the plant which are edible or which can be eaten like stem, leaves etc.

Non edible parts: Non edible parts are those parts of plant which can not be eaten
Edible part of cabbage is a vegetative bud.
Vegetative buds are those from which stem, leaves, and is grown, so that further that part of a plant becomes edible.
Cabbage consists of large terminal buds which are the edible part of cabbage.

Flower: Flower is known as a reproductive unit of a plant
It is surrounded by petals and sepals.
Sexual mode of reproduction occurs in flowers.

Inflorescence: The positioning of flowers on the floral axis is known as inflorescence.
It is of two types:
1. Racemose.
2. Cymose.

Stem: It is an ascending part of axis bearing branches, leaves, flower and fruits arising from the plumule of an embryo of germinating seed.

Bud: It is a growth on the plant parts which develop into leaf, flower or stem.

So, the correct option is option D. Bud

Note: Flower is a reproductive part of the plant found in angiosperms.
Flower has two types of symmetries:
1. Actinomorphic (Radial symmetry).
2. Zygomorphic (Bilateral symmetry).
Parts of flower are:
1. Calyx
2. Corolla
3. Pedicle
4. Gynoecium
5. Androecium
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