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What does your family do when you have guests at home for a few days?

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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> Guests are the persons who are invited to a place or to a special event.
> A guest is a person who spends some time at another person’s home as a visit, dinner or party.

Complete answer:
When guests come to our home for a few days, we do the following things:
> We take care of them so that they have a comfortable stay.
> We pay full attention to them so that they are not getting bored.
> We respect them.
> We want to make sure to provide some space to them.
> We offer our bedroom to them so that they feel comfortable.
> Our house may look clean, getting rid of any odours.
> We make sure that everything has been placed in the right place so that guests do not waste their precious time by finding things.
> My mother cooks food for them so that they enjoy our food.
> We try to provide them with a travel guide.
> My father takes a day off to spend some quality time with the guests and to take them to some wonderful places.

Thus, the correct answer is C

Some ways to make feel special to guests:
> Show your care by listening and responding to your guests.
> Offer complimentary items to guests.
> Make all guests feel that our family is concerned about their special needs.
> Offer some personalized gifts to them.
> the needs of the guests.
> Make sure your house has a welcoming atmosphere.
> Provide them extra towels in the bathroom.
> Everything in the right place and cleanliness is a must.