How does the process of respiration occur in living organisms?

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Hint: The process of formation of energy for the purpose of completing the various metabolic reactions where the energy is produced and may sometimes be required to complete the process and result in the formation of certain end products.

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Every individual needs the energy to perform various processes of the body. The process by which energy is formed is respiration. During respiration, the molecules of glucose (carbohydrates) break down into smaller molecules that produce energy. The respiration occurs in two conditions: in the presence of oxygen (aerobic respiration), and in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic respiration).
The process of respiration is categorized into two types: cellular respiration, and respiration at body level. The cellular respiration is of two types: aerobic respiration, it is the process of breaking of glucose molecules to produce energy in the presence of oxygen. A huge amount of energy is released when the glucose molecule is broken down and will give carbon dioxide and water as an end product.
The other type is anaerobic respiration, it is the process of breaking of glucose molecules partially and producing less energy in comparison to the anaerobic respiration. It occurs when the amount of oxygen is less and the glucose does not break completely. The end product released after the incomplete breakdown of glucose molecules is lactic acid.
In body level respiration, the carbon dioxide is released outside the body while oxygen is inhaled from outside through the lungs. The oxygen intake is an active process while carbon dioxide exhalation is a passive process.

Note: The cellular respiration involves three stages: glycolysis (the molecule is converted to the pyruvate acid, the carbon dioxide and water are the end products, oxidative phosphorylation (occurs in the mitochondrial matrix which produces ATP by transferring the electrons), and citric acid cycle (occurs in the mitochondrial matrix where the ATP molecules are produced).