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How does Parliament exercise control over the Council of Ministers?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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- The Parliament exercises control over the Council of Ministers by a method mentioned under Article 75 of the Constitution. It is very important for the ministers to have the trust of Lok Sabha in them to do their work.

-Apart from that there is time allotted for questioning which is usually the first hour of the parliament.

Complete answer:
-In India, the executive is a chunk of the parliament. Parliament applies authority over the ministers through procedural methods, for example, question hour, zero hour, calling attention movement, and so forth.
- Individuals from various ideological groups are chosen/selected to the parliamentary committees. Through these advisory committees, the parliament controls the public council.
-Article 75 of the constitution refers that the council of ministers stays in office as long as it relishes the confidence of the Lok Sabha. Lok Sabha can eliminate the council of ministers by passing a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha.
Aside from that, the Lok Sabha can likewise communicate the absence of trust in the ministers in the accompanying ways:
-By refusing to pass a motion of thanks on the President's debut address.
-By dismissing a money bill
-By winning over the public authority on a fundamental issue.

Additional Information
A no-confidence motion needs a larger part vote to pass in the House. On the off chance that people or gatherings go without casting a ballot, those numbers will be eliminated from the general strength of the House and afterward, the dominant part will be considered.

- The control of the Parliament is not as powerful as it should be.
-The Parliament has neither time nor mastery to control an organization that has a lot of members in it.
-Parliament's monetary control is ruined by the specialized idea of the requests for grants, which require a financial skill.