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Do bases change blue litmus to red?

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint: Acids, bases, and neutral compounds are the different types of chemical compounds. Bases are the chemical substances that can change the red litmus paper to blue. But the blue litmus paper cannot turn into red in presence of bases as it remains in blue color only.

Complete answer:
Chemical compounds are of different types based on the nature of chemical compounds these are classified into three types namely acids, bases and neutral compounds. Bases are also known as alkali. Litmus papers are used for the identification of acids and bases. They are two different litmus papers. They are red litmus paper and blue litmus paper.
Red litmus paper consists of a weak diprotic acid. When red litmus paper is exposed to a basic compound. The hydrogen ions react with added base and lead to the conjugate base formation. The formed conjugate base is in blue color. Thus, the red litmus paper turns into a blue color in the presence of a base.
When blue litmus paper is placed in a base there will be no reaction and hence there is no change of blue litmus.
Thus, bases do not change blue litmus to red, but change red litmus to blue.

The main use of litmus paper is the identification of functional groups like acidic groups and basic groups. One of the examples for the acidic functional group is the carboxylic group. One of the examples for the basic functional group is amine.