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What is the distance between the Sun and the Moon?

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint:The Moon is the easily identified cosmological object in the night sky, it is the only natural satellite of the Earth and has a huge impact on life here on Earth. The sun is the closest and the centre star from The Earth. The Earth constantly revolves around the Sun and the Moon of the earth revolves around the Earth.

Complete answer:
We have to know about the distance between the Sun and the Moon. Since the Moon orbits the Earth and the Earth orbits the Sun, both the Moon of the Earth and the Earth are at the same distance from the Sun. On an average, the Earth and Moon are at a distance of 150 million kilometres (or 93 million miles) away from the Sun.

This distance between earth and sun is so large that it takes the light wave eight minutes to us (remember that speed of light is 300,000 kilometres per second in vacuum). This means that if the Sun went out of energy right now, we cannot know for another eight minutes.

We measure the distances between two celestial bodies in light-years. A light-year is a measurement of the distance between two parts or objects and not a measure of time (as the name suggests). A light-year is a distance covered by a beam of light that travels in an earth year 365 days, or 6 trillion miles (9.7 trillion kilometres).

Note:The distance between Sun and Moon from the earth are subject to change as both rotate in elliptical orbits. The average distance between earth and the sun is 149.10 AU.They can be 400,000 kilometres less than this or more than less depending upon positions. 1 AU=149597870 kilometres. AU is an astronomical Unit.