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Differentiate between inherited and acquired traits.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Traits are the character which developed in a person during his lifetime whereas few traits are present in an offspring since the time of his birth.

Complete Answer:
Traits are defined as any observable feature of an organism. They may be acquired or inherited.
1) Acquired traits: Acquired traits are those which are acquired by an organism after his birth in response to the environment and cannot be inherited. Also change in DNA does not change any of his characters. Examples are like – acquiring knowledge, ideas, skills, weight loss etc
2) Inherited traits: Inherited traits are those which are inherited from parents and pass from generation to generations. Change in DNA causes many changes. Examples are like – hair and eye color, muscle and bone structure, nose shape etc.

Sl.No Inherited traitsAcquired traits
1. These are genetic variations.These are somatic variations.
2.It is present by birth.It developed during its lifetime.
3.It is inheritable.It is not inheritable.
4.Change in DNA causes many changes.Change in DNA does not cause any changes.
5.Traits controlled by genes. Traits not controlled by genes.
6.Inherited traits are not affected by changes in environment. Acquired traits are changed according to changes occurring in our environment.
7.Example – hair and eyes color like brown curly hairs , blue eyes etc.Example- acquired skills like swimming, knowledge, cycling.

Note: Acquired traits are acquired by an organism during their lifetime which is not passed to the next generation whereas inherited traits are traits that can be controlled by genes and inherited to the next generation from parents.