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Why did Richard Belanger’s life story inspire Manjula?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: In the story “Bravo Manju” written by Sigrun Srivastav, Manjula Parelkar was born with a deformity. She was born with just two fingers on each hand. Despite her disability, Manjula was a dedicated artist. In a short period of time, she established herself as an outstanding painter.

Complete answer:
Manjula was a young lady with crooked or malformed digits. She was a talented painter. Her mother used to inspire her and get her colours from the money she had saved when she was younger. Her father used to think highly of her. Her mother gave her a collection of professional watercolours. Her father, however, was concerned about her rising expenses, and as she grew older, he advised her mother to have Manjula learn to cook instead of painting. Majula was saddened by all of this, so she tore up her paintings and began learning to cook from her mother.

This demonstrates that she was irritated and did not want to bother her parents. However, she came across an advertisement in the newspaper for a painting competition, which her brother urged her to enter, and she agreed to enter. This demonstrates that Manjula's finger deformity had little effect on her everyday life, and she refused to give in to the circumstances.

So, Richard Belanger, a football player, was an inspiration for Manjula Parelkar. Richard Belanger continued to play football despite losing his leg in a train crash. With his artificial leg, he began to play football. Nobody liked his decision, but he never gave up.

Note: Manju Parelkar was handicapped by her malformed claw-like digits. Her body was also deformed in other places. However, she did not let this deter her from achieving her goals. This storey instils in children the importance of never giving up in the face of adversity. To be effective, we must always put forth our best effort.