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Determine whether the following is in proportion or not.
24, 28, 36, 48.

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Hint- Use the basic concept of proportion which states that if two ratios or two fractions are equal then they are said to be in proportion else not.

So let’s form ratios and check whether the ratios are coming equal or not.
Thus considering (24, 28) and (36, 48).
First (24, 28)
$\dfrac{{24}}{{28}} = \dfrac{6}{7}$……………….. (1)
Now (36, 48)
$\dfrac{{36}}{{48}} = \dfrac{3}{4}$……………….. (2)
Thus clearly equation (1) is not equal to equation (2).
Hence the given numbers are not in proportion.

Note – Whenever we face such problems the key concept that we need to recall is that simply take the first two numbers and the last two numbers of given numbers to be checked for proportion and thus simply use the basic definition of proportion to check whether these fractions are equal to each other or not.
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