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Describe the music teacher, as seen from the window.

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint: The question is asked from the chapter A Gift of Golden Chappals. In response to the question, make sure to describe the physical attributes of the music teacher as described such as
- the physical appearance,
- the posture of the body,
- the clothes he is wearing,
- the quality of clothes,
- if there is some significant feature that describes him the most etc.

Complete answer:
The music teacher had a lean and bony structure. He was seated in front of Lalli with his back towards the window glass where he was giving Lalli violin lessons. He had a bald head and a fringe of oiled hair falling around his ears. He was dressed in an old-fashioned tuft.

He wore a gleaming gold chain around his neck and had a diamond ring in his finger. He was dressed in a dhoti with a golden border. His large foot with thin malnourished toes was trapped on the floor, with which he was beating the floor as a sign of enjoying the music.

The action he is performing can be mentioned but not stressed upon as the question asks to mark out or sketch the appearance of the music teacher as it asks to describe him as seen from the window.

- Remember to give specific detail of the appearance of the character.
- Action performed can also be mentioned but with less emphasis as you are asked to sketch the character.
- The inner-self or abstract attributes of the character such as a nice person, good from heart, evil from heart etc. should not be mentioned as they have not asked for character plot.