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Define yoga? Name the important Yoga’s and describe the effect of yoga on health?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Yoga originated in ancient India. Yoga belongs to one of the six Astika schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. In simple terms, yoga involves a group of activities which helps to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual state of mind and body.

Complete answer: The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means to unite or to join. Yoga can be defined as the practice of actions which leads to the union of consciousness of an individual. Yoga can be simply defined as giving care to our mind, body, and breath. It is all about harmonizing the body with the state of mind. The main aim of yoga is to achieve Atma Sakshatkara. Atma Sakshatkara means self-realization and attaining control over the mind. In other words, yoga can be described as the union of the ‘Atma’ with the ‘Paramatma’. The main concept of yoga is to promote physical, mental, moral and spiritual values. There are different types of yoga. They are Ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga, Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, Jivamukti yoga, Kripalu yoga, and Kundalini yoga. The practise of yoga is very much important for the body and mind. The Practice of yoga has many good benefits on both bodies as well as the mind. Regular practising of yoga helps to maintain the physical balance of the body. It also improves the blood circulation of the body and relieves stress. It helps as a treatment to cure diseases such as swelling, arthritis, and a decrease in the number of platelets. The immune system of the body is enhanced and becomes strong by the regular practice of yoga.

Note: Regular practice of yoga is a great way to improve the strength and flexibility of the body. The practise of yoga has breathing benefits. ‘Pranayam’ is the name of the asana which is used to improve the breathing of an individual. People diagnosed with asthma are advised to practice this asana in order to improve their rate of breathing.