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Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:It is a situation in which people do not obey rules and laws. It is that system in which there is no government in a country. Absence of government.

Complete answer:
Anarchy is a word that has more than one meaning. Anarchy is a state of society without government or law. It states that no leader, no one has power to control anything or over everyone.
In simple words, when there is no government, this situation is called anarchy. The opposite meaning or word of anarchy is government, organization, control, law etc. The same word or same meaning of Anarchy is rebellion, riot, disorder, etc.
Anarchy is very dangerous and violent, possibility of high profile violent actions, including disorders, terrorism committed by some anarchists.

Example of Anarchism-The French revolution.
Anarchism is a political philosophy and a movement. Anarchists do not believe in the god.
Types of anarchism are-
-Collectivist anarchism
-Anarcho communism
-Philosophical anarchism
-Egoist anarchism
-Individualist anarchism in the United States.
-Individualist anarchism in Europe.
-Anarcho primitivism.
-Anarcho naturism.
There are two main purpose of anarchy which are-
To oppose the establishment.
To promote the anarchist ethics and reflect their vision of society.

Note: The black flag is the color of anarchy.
-The black flag is opposite to the white flag which shows that they never give nor accept the quarter.
-The anarchists are non-belief or anti-religious.
-Anarchy is often called chaos because it has almost similar meaning.