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Convert the following into meters and centimeters:
A.$6m$ $73cm$
B.$67m$ $3cm$
C.$673m$ $0cm$
D.$73m$ $6cm$

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Hint: We know that meter and centimeters are the units of length. But why do we need different units for the same quantity? The answer is simple, for Longer distances, the bigger unit is better suited and for shorter distances, smaller unit is suited. All we need to know is the conversion from one unit to the other.

Complete step-by-step answer:
The meter is defined as the path travelled by light in vacuum during a time interval of ${{\left( \dfrac{1}{299792458} \right)}^{th}}$ part of a seconds. This unit is used to measure length. Meter is SI unit of mass.
Centigram is a much smaller quantity to measure length. Centimeter comes under the category of CGS unitary system. There are units to measure the length, for example: miles, foot, inch, etc.
Over here, we need to convert $673cm$ to centi meter and meter.
For this conversion, we need a scale to convert centimeter to meter. So, by the definition of centi:
$centi=0.01m$ .
Hence, $1cm=0.01m$ . - (1)
Therefore, $1m=100cm$ - (2)
Multiplying – (2) with $6$ :
$6\left( 1m=100cm \right)$
$\Rightarrow 6m=600cm$
Therefore, $673cm=6m$ $73cm$
Hence, option A. $6m$ $73cm$ , is the correct option.

Note: We must always remember the correct conversion scale in the conversion from one unit to the other. We must be very careful in writing the conversion scale, and not to confuse conversion scale with some other scale. Different units are used to measure different amounts of quantities. For length, two very different units are Kilometers and Miles.