Convert the following fraction into percentage:

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Hint: In this question a fraction is given and we have to convert it into percentage. So the standard way is to multiply the given fraction with 100. Since the given fraction is a proper fraction so the value of the percentage that will come will be less than 100%.

Complete step-by-step answer:
In the question, given fraction = \[\dfrac{{24}}{{288}}\]
We have to convert this fraction into percentage.
The shortcut method to convert a number into fraction is given by:
${\text{Percentage = Given number}} \times {\text{100% }}{\text{.}}$
Therefore, for the given number we can write:
${\text{Percentage = }}\dfrac{{24}}{{288}} \times {\text{100% = 8}}{\text{.33% }}$ .
Method 2:
We can also solve this question by unitary method.
  288{\text{ corresponds to 100% }} \\
  \therefore {\text{1 corresponds to }}\dfrac{{100}}{{288}}\% . \\
  \therefore 24{\text{ corresponds to }}\dfrac{{100}}{{288}} \times 24\% = 8.33\% \\

Note: In this question, we have to convert a fraction into percentage. You should remember the shortcut method to convert a number into fraction i.e. multiply the given number by 100. Converting into percentages means we are calculating how much part of 100 is the given number.
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