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How do you convert \[6.08\] gallons to millilitres if \[946ml = 1qt\]?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: This problem is based on conversion of one unit to another unit. We have to convert \[6.08\] gallons to millilitres (ml) . We are given \[946ml = 1qt\].
We will use the conversion formula:\[1\] gallons equals to \[4\] quart(qt).

Complete step-by-step solution:
This question is based on the conversation unit of measurement. The unit of measurement in mathematics is a standard quantity which is used to express a physical quantity.
Quart is an English unit of measurement of volume which is equal to volume of a quarter of a gallon. It is denoted by symbol qt. \[4{\text{ }}qt{\text{ }} = 1{\text{ }}gallon\].
Gallon is also an English unit of measurement of volume and fluid. It is the largest unit to measure volume.
Consider the given question,
We know that \[1\] gallons equal to \[4\] qt.
Hence, \[6.08\] gallon equal to \[(6.08 \times 4)\] qt
\[6.08\] gallon\[ = \]\[24.32\] qt………………(1)
Now, we are given that \[1\] qt \[ = \] \[946\] ml
Therefore \[24.32\] qt equals to \[(24.32 \times 946) = 23006.72\] ml
Hence \[24.32\] qt \[ = 23006.72\] ml………………….(2)
From (1) and (2) we can get
\[6.08\] gallon\[ = 23006.72\] ml
Thus, \[23006.72ml\] is the conversion of \[6.08\] gallons to millilitres if \[946ml = 1qt\]

Note: SI - Unit is the standard unit of measurement.
There are \[7\] basic units of measurement. These are – Metre (m), Ampere (A), kilogram (Kg), kelvin (K), Second (s), Candela (cd) and Mole (m).
\[4\] quart equal to \[1\] gallon.
\[1\] gallon equal to \[946\] ml.