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How do you convert \[60\] miles per hour to feet per second?

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint: Here, in the given question, we are asked to convert \[60\]miles per hour to feet per second. We will first understand the given units of measurement and the relationship between them so that we can convert the first unit to the second unit form.

Complete step-by-step solution:
The given problem statement is to convert \[60\]miles per hour to feet per second.
We know that, there are \[5,280\] feet in a mile and \[3,600\left( {60 \times 60} \right)\] seconds in an hour. To convert \[60\]miles per hour to feet per second, we will first convert miles to feet.
\[1mile = 5,280ft\]
Now, dividing both sides by \[1mile\]
\[\dfrac{{1mile}}{{1mile}} = \dfrac{{5,280ft}}{{1mile}}\]
Simplifying it, we get,
\[1 = \dfrac{{5,280ft}}{{1mile}}\]
Multiplying \[60\]miles per hour, we get
\[ = \dfrac{{60miles}}{{hour}} \times \dfrac{{5,280ft}}{{1mile}}\]
Cancelling the unit mile, we get,
\[ = \dfrac{{60}}{{hour}} \times \dfrac{{5,280ft}}{1}\]
Or, we can rewrite it as,
\[ = \dfrac{{3,16,800ft}}{{1hr}}\]
Now, we will convert hours into seconds. As we know \[1hr = 3,600\sec \],
Therefore, we get,
\[ = \dfrac{{3,16,800ft}}{{3,600\sec }}\]
Simplifying it, we get,
\[ = \dfrac{{88ft}}{{\sec }}\]
Hence, \[60\] miles per hour is equal to \[88\] feet per seconds.

Note: The given two units – miles per hour and feet per second – are the units of measuring the speed of a moving object. We use these units when we consider the number of miles of motion of a body in an hour or the number of feet covered by a body in a second.
Alternatively, this question can also be solved by converting miles into yards and then yards into feet. Conversion of hour into seconds will remain the same. \[1\] mile is equal to \[1,760\] yards and \[1\] feet is equal to \[3\] feet. Hence, \[60\]miles per hour=\[\dfrac{{60 \times 1760 \times 3ft}}{{3,600\sec }}\] which is further equal to \[88\] feet per seconds.