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Convert 2009 paisa to rupees and express the result as a mixed fraction.

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: Apply the formula $1\;{\text{rupee}} = 100\;{\text{paise}}$, convert the given paisa into rupees carefully, count a digit from the right and put a point to the right. Follow the steps of unit conversion and simplify it to get the answer.

Complete step by step answer:
Rupees and paise are the Indian currency. To convert paisa into rupees we need to count the digit and put a point from the right. The Rupees is denoted by ${\text{Rs}}.$ and Paisa is denoted by $p$. Money is defined as the equivalent of the cost of things. In ancient times the coins are made of gold and silver.
The important identifying part of notes and coins is their value; they are written on the coins and notes in word and in numbers. Rupees and paise are separated by dot. One full rupee is $100\;{\text{paisa}}$. Different types of Indian coins with different shapes and sizes. Fifty paise coins have the value of one rupee. One-rupee coin is the smallest coin in circulation. Money is available in two forms, coins and currency notes. The coins of fifty paisa, one rupee, two rupee and five rupee denominations are in use.
$1\;{\text{rupees}} = 100\;{\text{paise}}$
$\Rightarrow {\text{1}}\;{\text{paise}} = \dfrac{1}{{100}}{\text{rupees}}$
$\Rightarrow 2009\;{\text{paise}} = \dfrac{{2009}}{{100}}$
Now, to convert into rupees we need to count two digits from the right and put a point.
$\Rightarrow 2009\;{\text{paise}} = 20 \cdot 09\;{\text{rupees}}$
In a mixed fraction, it can be written as,
$\Rightarrow 2009\;{\text{paise}} = 20\dfrac{9}{{100}}$

The shape, size, and designs of currency notes are changed from time to time. One-rupee, two-rupee notes are available now. These are used to buy things from shops. Coins and currency notes are used as physical money. Indian rupees are called INR.