Complex inflorescence of which plant is used as food.
A. Raphanus sativus
B. Brassica repa
C. Brassica oleracea
D. Mustard

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Hint: Complex inflorescence includes the complete flower head of a plant that includes, the stem, bracts, stalks as well as flowers. Many crop plants are cultivated, whose parts of inflorescence can be taken as food.

Complete answer: In the given options, the plant with an edible inflorescence is Brassica oleracea. There are two forms of the species, which are edible, cauliflower and broccoflower that have a silky appearance. Broccoflower is the cultivars of cauliflower.
-Raphanus sativus is a root vegetable commonly known as radish. It belongs to the family Brassicaceae. They grow as annual or biennial plants.
-Brassica repa is commonly known as field mustard. The edible part of the crop is the oil extracted from the seed.
-Mustard is a popular food material obtained from the seed of the Mustard plant. The edible parts of this plant are its leaves and seeds. The seeds of the plant are mostly used as a spice.
Thus, from the above-given options, the most appropriate one was found to be C, i.e., Brassica oleracea.

Note: The science of cultivating plants is known as agriculture. It also includes several methods of animal breeding. The processes can be for both personal as well as commercial purposes. The process of agriculture has been practiced since the starting of human civilization, with the practices being improved with the advancements in the field of science and technology over time. The use of fertilizers as well as pesticides has increased the yield, but also possess many threats to the environment.