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Choose the option which means the opposite of the given word:
(A) Literary
(B) Commonplace
(C) Real
(D) Ordinary

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: Since we require the opposite of the given word, we must be aware of what each term in the given options mean, only then we will be able to eliminate the options that mean similar to the given term. Also discard the options that have no relation to the given word.

Complete answer:
The meaning of the word ‘fabulous’ is that something stands out exceptionally or is incredibly extraordinary.
We can examine each option one by one:
Option (A) Literary is an incorrect answer. The word 'literary' here refers to the study or concern with literature. This word is neither the opposite of ‘fabulous’ nor has a meaning that associates with ‘fabulous’ hence we can reject this option.
Option (B) Commonplace is an incorrect answer. The term 'commonplace' refers to an area or some phenomenon that is seen or encountered often and is therefore not considered unique. This word means that something is not new or distinct but repetitive, but fabulous means that something is exceptional, so ‘commonplace’ cannot be considered as an opposite of fabulous.
Option (C) Real is an incorrect answer. The term 'real' refers to something that exists as a fact or happens in reality; it is not assumed or imagined. This word is not related to fabulous, and it cannot be considered as an opposite of the term fabulous hence we reject this option.
Option (D) Ordinary is the correct answer. The term 'ordinary' refers to anything that lacks any remarkable or distinguishing characteristics; it is average. This has the opposite meaning as that of being extraordinary which is what fabulous means. Hence this is the right answer.

Therefore the correct answer is clearly option (D) Ordinary.

Note: Read the question carefully and keep in mind what the question has asked. If the question asks us to find the ‘antonym’ of a word, it means that we need to find the word that means opposite to the given word. Here they have asked to give the word that means the given word, but sometimes they can give us a term and ask us to give a word that means the same as the given word.