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Choose the option which means the opposite of the given word:
a) Reserve
b) Confusion
c) Candour
d) Exaggeration

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Hint: The word clarity means the state or quality of being transparent or pure. It could also refer to the quality of being clear or easy to understand. For example, “Examples given in the class helped to have a little clarity about the topic.”

Complete solution:

Option a ‘Reserve’ means to keep back something until needed or for the future. For example. “She reserved the seat on her side for Bella.” This is not related to the word ‘clarity’. Thus, option ‘a’ is incorrect.

Option b ‘confusion’ means to be puzzled or not have clarity regarding something. For example, “She had a lot of confusion regarding the career she had chosen.” This is the opposite of the meaning of the word ‘clarity’. Which means to have a clear understanding. Thus, option ‘b’ is the correct answer.

Option c ‘Candour’ means to be straightforward with speech, or the quality of being honest. For example, “She was commended by her organization for her candour.” This is not similar in meaning to that of the word ‘clarity’. Thus, option ‘c’ is incorrect.

Option d ‘exaggeration’ means to overstate something, or to magnify something beyond what it actually is. For example, “He is just exaggerating the argument that happened between him and his fiancé.” This is not the opposite in meaning or related to the word ‘clarity’. Thus, option ‘d’ is incorrect too.

Hence, the correct answer is option ‘b’.

Note: The word clarity could also refer to clear visibility, but here it refers to cognitive clarity, and therefore, confusion would be the opposite in meaning