Choose the option which means opposite of the given word:
A) Acceptable
B) Unanimated
C) Heavenly
D) Humane

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Hint: Bestial comes from the Latin word ‘bestia’ meaning beasts or wild animals. It is used as an adjective to describe acts that are highly depraved and barbaric. For example, the gun-carrying army men were accused of their bestial act of open firing at unarmed innocent civilians.

Complete step by step answer:
To choose the correct word which means the opposite of the given word, first, analyse all the provided options.

Acceptable: able to be agreed to or approved of on something. When you find something which is just good enough but not that very good, that is, just enough to be pleased with something㇐like the results were not as great as it was expected, but acceptable.

Unanimated: not moving, still. It is also used for lack of excitement. When you come across something which is very plain, simple, and not very interesting一like your life in the corporate world has been so unanimated.

Heavenly: giving great pleasure or of heaven, it is often used to describe something which is pleasant, enjoyable and gives you immense happinessーlike for example, the mountains of Kashmir are a heavenly sight for the eyes.

Humane: having or showing compassion, it is used to display sympathy and kindness towards someone or somethingーlike for example, the most humane way of easing an animal’s pain is to kill it.

Hence, from the above analysis, we can conclude that option C. means the opposite of the word “bestial”.

Humane is used for having sympathy or for being considerate about people or animals you care, even for nature.
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