Choose the option which means opposite of the given word.

a) Reversion
b) Advance
c) Movement
d) Silence
e) Conformity

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Hint: Progress means to move forward or to show improved results. It is synonymous with words such as development or advancement.

Complete answer:

Progress means advancement. The opposite of progress is reversion. Reversion is used when something goes back to its original position, that is, there has been no progress. So, the correct answer is “Option a”.
Option b in advance. To advance means to move forward. The enemy advanced towards the shore. It means the enemy moved towards the shore. It is the wrong answer.
Option c is movement. Movement means to move- when something gets displaced from one place to another. There is no specific direction. However, progress means to go higher or become better so the direction is only forward. Thus, movement is the wrong answer.
Option d is silence. Silence means to be quiet. When nobody is talking in class, there is silence in the class. It is not related to the meaning of progress in any way.
Option e is conformity. Conformity comes from the word conform. When you agree with something, you are said to conform with it. For example, when you agree with certain terms and conditions, you are said to conform with them.

Note: A lot of opposites begin with the prefix -un, -il, -non, etc. For example, fortunate-unfortunate, legal-illegal, etc. However, there are some opposites like hot-cold, poor-rich, etc. which do not follow this pattern. Opposites are also called antonyms in the English language. Antonyms can be studied in a book called thesaurus.
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