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Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of CHARTER.
A) Announcement
B) Article
C) Declaration
D) Document

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Hint: Words which have the same meaning are known as synonyms. There is a special kind of dictionary which tells all the synonyms of all the words. It is called a thesaurus.

Complete answer:
The word ‘charter’ can be described as ‘a written grant by a legislative body of a country or a state and states the foundation, rights and privileges.
Option (A) Announcement – It is a formal public statement which states a fact, news or an intention.
Option (B) Article – The word ‘article’ has many meanings. It may be ‘a particular item or object’. It is also ‘a piece of writing included in newspapers and magazines. It is also ‘part of grammar; definite and indefinite articles.
Option (C) Declaration – It is a formal statement or an announcement. It is also a public written announcement including intentions, instruction or terms of the agreement.
Option (D) Document – It is a written or printed matter which contains information or evidence or serves as an official record.
Options (A) and (C) are incorrect because they are generally speeches or verbal expressions of information. Option (B) is incorrect because though it is written, it is an informal way of presenting the information. ‘Charter’ on the other hand, is a written and formal grant.

Thus, the correct answer is Option (D) Document.

- Other synonyms of ‘charter’ are; covenant, sanction, bond, license etc.
- The word ‘charter’ is also used as a verb in many cases. For e.g. We should charter a plane immediately. Meaning, we should hire.