Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of:
A) Disrespectful
B) Noisy
C) Quarrelsome
D) Rash

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Hint:Cantankerous is used to describe a person who is bad-tempered, argumentative and uncooperative. A person who gets agitated or irritated with everything and everyone. For example, he gets all cantankerous on almost every decision made for the good of him.

Complete step by step answer:
To choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word, first analyse all the provided options.

Disrespectful: showing a lack of courtesy, a person who is impolite or ill-mannered. It is a behaviour that influences the willingness of a person to speak up or interact in a rude and offensive manner. For example, the Committee was outraged by the disrespectful behaviour of the new member.
Noisy: making a lot of unwanted sounds. It is usually used as a negative sense to show dislike. For example, it was so noisy inside the room, that we were not able to hear our own voices.
Quarrelsome: given to or characterised by quarrelling, they are very moody and sensitive. For example, when she drinks too much, she gets quarrelsome and moody.
Rash: acting or done without careful consideration of future consequences. When things are done quickly without being given thought resulting in unwanted circumstances or situations. For example, you must accept the consequences of your rash behaviour.
Hence, from the above analysis, we can conclude that option C. best expresses the meaning of “cantankerous”.

Note: Quarrelsome is used as an adjective for people who are argumentative and always getting into a fight.