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Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentence.
A kind teacher always makes us _____ better.
A) To learn
B) Learn
C) Learning
D) None of the above

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: In this question we come across the topic of verbs and their infinitive forms. The infinitive form of a verb is basically the root form of the verb with the word ‘to’ preceding it. Here the word ‘to’ does not work as a preposition. For e.g. I like to eat. Its opposite is the ‘finite’ form of the verb. For e.g., I eat chocolates.

Complete answer:
By reading the given sentence, we know that it is in the present tense. This is indicated by the verb ‘makes’ which in the present tense. The blank has to be filled with the correct form of the verb ‘learn’, keeping in mind the tense of the sentence.

Now let us look into the given options:
Option A) To learn – In this option the verb is infinitive, i.e. followed by ‘to’. To use this type of verb in a sentence, we use the pattern ‘verb-noun-to-infinitive’ or ‘verb-to-infinitive’. For e.g. I want to go. or I want her to go. But when we use infinitive verbs after verbs like ‘make’ and ‘let’, then we do not add the word ‘to’. Hence, the ‘to’ in the option makes it incorrect.
Option B) Learn – As discussed in the above option, we need to use the infinitive form in this blank. Also, since the noun ‘us’ is preceded by the verb ‘make’, we cannot add ‘to’ before ‘learn’. There is no extra ‘to’ in this option. Thus, this option is the right answer. The correct sentence is ‘A kind teacher always makes us learn better.’
Option C) Learning – This is the verb+ing form of the verb ‘learn’. It is used in the continuous tense or as a gerund. The blank in the question can only be filled with the infinitive form of the verb as the sentence is following a pattern of ‘verb-noun-infinitive verb’ “A kind teacher always makes us learning better” is a grammatically incorrect sentence. The correct form should be ‘learn’ hence this option is incorrect.
Option D) None of the above – We know that option (B) Learn, is the correct answer. Therefore, this option is also wrong.

Thus, the correct answer is Option (B) i.e, A kind teacher always makes us learn better.

Note: The infinitive form of a verb is generally used as a direct and indirect object. For e.g. He wants to be a musician. Try to sleep a little, before we resume our journey. We can also add the infinitive verb after an adjective to intensify the meaning of the adjective. For e.g. He is wealthy enough to spend so much on that car.