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Choose the correct option to complete the proverb:
Excess of everything is __________________.
a) Great
b) Bad
c) Progressive
d) Success

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Hint: Proverbs are short well – known pithy saying, which states a general truth or some piece of advice based on common sense or past experiences. Here they are trying to tell you if there is an excess of something than what would it be – bad or great or progressive, etc...

Complete answer:
 The proverb is – ‘excess of everything is bad’, by this we can see that from the given options, option (b) is the correct one, i.e. ‘bad’ is the correct solution.
Excess of everything is bad is an old proverb which works as a guide for doing anything in moderation and says that too much greed is not a good sign. Anything that is way too much, be it – money, relationships, emotions, ego, etc only causes problems and issues or bad things.
Therefore, option (b) is the correct solution. The other solutions are incorrect because –
a) Excess of everything is great is not the correct proverbs. Hence it is a wrong solution in this case and can be eliminated,
b) Bad is the correct answer because we have this proverb that – an excess of everything is bad.
c) Progressive means gradually growing and the proverb would become – excess of everything is progressive, which is not an old proverb. Therefore, this is incorrect and can be eliminated.
d) Success means an accomplishment of some sort. If we use this, the proverb would become – an excess of everything is a success. This too is incorrect.
So, by discussion option (b) is found to be true and the correct solution for the above-given question.

 Do not get confused between the first and second options as both have different meanings. We need a proverb, therefore; do not just use the words to make any sentences.