Character sketch of shylock in 1500 words.

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Hint: Shylock is a Jewish moneylender in Venice. He is unpopular with other characters who accuse him of practising usury. This means lending money with outrageously high rates of interest. The merchants, such as Antonio, curse and spit at Shylock because they believe this way of making money is immoral.

Complete answer:
A Villain Deserving of Pity- Shylock is one of the most well-known characters in all of Shakespeare's plays. He is also a contentious character. Some critics and readers see him as a complete villain, while others believe that, despite his villainy, he deserves some sympathy.

A swindler- Shylock is a moneylender by trade. Money lending in and of itself is not something shameful, discreditable, degrading, or even objectionable. However, money-lending becomes odious and abhorrent when a money-lender becomes an exploiter by charging exorbitant interest rates.

His Christian intolerance, as well as his extreme miserliness- Shylock repulses us not only because of his usury but also because of his religious intolerance. He despises Christians and despises them fiercely. At one point in the play, he says in an aside that he despises Antonio for two reasons: first, because Antonio is a Christian, and second because Antonio lowers the rate of interest in Venice by lending money for free.

His shady and devious dealings- Shylock is a cunning and deceitful man. Initially, he expresses his reluctance to lend to Antonio on the grounds that Antonio has been mistreating him. However, a completely different thought forms in his mind. He then agrees to make the loan, but on the condition that the bond be signed include a clause stating that if Antonio fails to repay the loan within three months, he will be entitled to cut off a pound of Antonio's flesh closest to his heart.

Note: Shylock is an obvious choice for the play's antagonist because he is the dark character who is unquestionably on the outskirts of society. He drives the plot's main conflict about the debt, and he is adamant about wanting Antonio's flesh rather than monetary compensation. The role of Shylock has been played in a variety of ways. He is sometimes portrayed as evil, and other times as a result of the bullying he endures in Venice.