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Botanical name for red chilli is
A) Capsicum frutescens
B) Capsicum annum
C) Physalis
D) Withania

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Hint: Red chilli belongs to kingdom Plantae. It is used as a popular spice all over the world. They are edible and are mostly hot.

Complete Answer:
To solve this question, we must know about the genus and species to which red chilli belong.
- Red chilli belongs to the family Solanaceae. They are angiosperms.
- The plant is a perennial shrub. The stem is densely branched. They bear off-white flowers. - - They bear berries that are green, yellow, orange or red when ripe.
- They grow best in warm and dry climates. Red chilli is the native of North and South America. They are cultivated in wide variety such as bell pepper, cayenne peppers. Red chilli has capsinoid chemicals which provide distinct taste.
- This capsaicin gives a burning sensation which can last for several hours after ingestion.
- Red chilli is a species which belongs to genus Capsicum. The species name is annum.
- Capsicum frutescens are the woody species of capsicum which differ from Capsicum annum.

Thus the correct answer is (B) Botanical name of red chilli is Capsicum annum.

Additional Information: Red chillies are used extensively as a spice. It is used in curries and other culinary preparations. It is also used in traditional medicine.

Note: Red chilli belongs to the genus capsicum and species annum. It has a compound called capsaicin which is responsible for its hot and pungent taste.